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To love them is to train them~

Pro dog training at its best~


Clearing up the language barrier between humans and their dogs~ 

I Speak K-9! is a friendly, safe, training, center, providing services to our region and facilitated by certified experts.

We are happy to announce that I Speak K-9 has gone home!  We are now a strictly a training facility and are in Jenny's own back yard!  

We will miss our daycare and boarding dogs and will still accommodate anyone who has board and trained with us, but it's 

time to concentrate on just training.  We will be getting back to weekend seminars with guest trainers, and plan on doing some competition on site!  Stay tuned.  There is so much more to come!  

Board and Train gives your dog a JUMP START! 

What's the difference?  

All dogs learn by repetition. By the time a dog of average intelligence repeats a command correctly 4500 times, he will be 85% accurate. Now I know your dog probably has the IQ of a brain scientist, but I call this my


I train all dogs as if they are of average intelligence. Correct repetitions are the key to consistency! I can show you how to do it since we have all this time on our hands, and this will be the time frame. At a minimum, 20 reps a day per command, would be 520 per month, per command. Broken down to 20 per day, per command, so about 9 months would be the expected time frame for you and your dog to get on the same page by doing private or group lessons at the 85% consistency rate provided your timing, marker word, release word, and corrections are spot on.

 In Board & Train, your dog stays with me all day. Training starts early in the morning and goes on ALL day long. We are with other dogs, inside the facility with low distraction for new commands, and mixed with others for reps in high distraction. We combine all of our behavioral requirements in EVERYTHING your dog does, such as being moved from point a to point be, going out to potty, hanging out in the office, feeding time, etc. Our kennel technicians are trained by me to maintain all behaviors and commands correctly as they do their everyday tasks around your dog. The amount of repetitions far exceed 4500 in our 4 week program and not far behind in our 3 week program, are timed correctly and marked accordingly.

 Some folks don't like the idea of sending the dog away to train but unlike other training facilities, we require you to visit your dog if possible at least once a week. Remember if your trainer says you can't visit your dog while he's in training, or you can't show up unexpectedly, you might be paying for training that is only happening occasionally.

We don't advertise our training. It's strictly by results seen by you when you see our I SPEAK K-9 dogs out in public being well behaved. We get referrals from Veterinarians, groomers, handlers, doctors, hunters, etc.  We train service dogs, therapy dogs, obedience dogs, show and pet therapy.  Now is a really good time to do board and train. Stop by and pay us a visit!  I'll pull out some dogs and show you what you can expect.  Consultations are free in facility. Don't pay the rest and then have to pay me too!!! I like to spend my time teaching dogs new things, not fixing what someone else messed up. Just come see us first. Don't hesitate to bring me the really bad ones! Those are my favorites! We will make you and your dog feel right at home. I take great pride in every dog leaving here happy to see their owners but sad to leave us as well. We are fun and train with excitement! You'll see how excited your dog can be over training:)

Go to our training page and check out our prices. Call me anytime to discuss. I will personally walk you thru it. I don't know much about other stuff, but

 I'VE GOT THIS!!!  Jenny~ 


Communication is the key! 


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